Instant & Fogas Ház

Welcome to the number one united ruin pub party complex of Budapest We guess you’re here to seek some pleasure with your friends while visiting the capital city and we would like to reassure you that you have to look no further!The immense club kingdom of Instant and Fogas is concentrated into a pair of buildings standing next to each other on Akácfa street 49 and offer inexhaustible amount of fun in all aspects on almost every single day of the year. It’s crazy! When looking for places to go out in the evening or to spend the whole night somewhere wild, one has to contemplate a handful of factors to make sure all needs would be fulfilled. Fortunately, you get to skip this planning-thinking-deciding phase, by having all facilities together that a party fiend might possibly desire. Eat or drink? No problem! We have 8 bars altogether to keep you fueled until the end of your stay, but we also have a bunch of solutions to ease your hunger. For complete courses and fine treats accompanied by top quality wines and spirits you should definitely check out Liebling, but as long as you are satisfied with a couple of bits, quick grilled snacks and pizzas are also available. Just follow the delicious scent of freshly cooked food and you’ll easily find where to get them! You shouldn’t worry a second about the variety of music played within the walls of our clubs. We have 1200 square meters dedicated to hosting music events from a wide range of genres separated properly from each other. While this isn’t a brand new concept for Instant or Fogas, by establishing the complex and forming new rooms the entire idea manifested on a whole new level.