Parliament Building

One of the most iconic shots of Budapest is a brightly lit building at the banks of a blue river,enticing tourists to visit Budapest. That building stands tall during the day, contrasting the Danube’s azure hues. This attraction makes it to the top of things to do in Budapest in all the lists and continually impresses with the brilliant architecture. It is the Hungarian Parliament and is the world's third largest Parliament building. The Hungarian Parliament, also known as the Budapest Parliament is one of the city’s most iconic buildings, indeed, no photo of Budapest is complete without some part of the building being shown. The stunning architecture is the current seat of the Hungarian Parliament and offers a keen insight into Hungary’s political past. From being an independent state, to being a part of the Austro-Hungarian empire to World War I, to being a Soviet Satellite state, Hungarian politics are diverse and the history is rich. Hungary’s current Prime Minister and his staff use the office and a portion of the building is opened for visitors.